We are creating a statewide network of Women’s Community Councils which support and mentor students and alumnae, create wider circles of support for Leading Edge, and work together in efforts to improve life for women and children in Alabama. Councils have been established in East Alabama, Montgomery and Mobile. The target areas for new Councils are Tuscaloosa and the Huntsville area.

If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact our Executive Director, Ashley Gilbert


Velda Eugenias, Co-Chair
Sheila Gilbert,Co-Chair
Myrtle Bell
Anna Berry
Lindie Brown
Gina Byars
Alie Renfrow Causey
Rena Comisac
Jacqueline Paddio
Eve Pentecost
Jean Pugliese
Valerie Richardson
Heather Rickles
Margaret Roberts
Julia Segars, Past Chair
Brenda Stedham
Adrienne Veal


Lucy Jones Tufts, Chair
Gigi Armbrecht
Linda Ingram
Laurie Owen, Ph.D.
Latisha Rhodes
Simone Washington
Sue Winter


Stacia Robinson, Chair
Margaret Bentley
Ashley Brandle
Jewel Henderson
Cathy Martin
Cam Martindale
Sue McInnish
Jaunita Owes
Susan Prices
Karla Shoemaker
Emily Thompson
Catrina Water