Step 1: Hire a cheap wedding photographer for your own wedding.

If you hire a inexpensive wedding photographer for your own wedding, you’re going to get a large number of average photos – and most likely the full resolution copies at the same time. This provides you with the self-confidence to realize – hey, if he/she can perform that, so am I able to.

Additionally, you will get a sneak peak into how easy it is to picture a wedding from beginning to end.

If you’re already hitched, you are able to modify this task by getting divorced and starting over, or by hiring a cheap family photographer to try taking some family portraits.

You will find cheap wedding photographers in Dubai and cheap family photographers for a dime a number of on google. Or even better, find a Goupon deal like this!

Step 2: Get good camera.

{Everyone knows|We all know|Everyone understands|Everyone should know} that the better camera you’ve, the better your wedding photos will be.

I began my wedding photography career with a Sony DSC-F717 Cybershot and a ton of people actually compensated me to photograph wedding ceremonies with that bad boy!

Needless to say, you can easily make use of a mobile phone for wedding photography, which makes adding some cool filters and uploading wedding photos to Instagram a lot easier – but for some cause clients have a tendency to wish to hire a wedding photographer which has a fancy looking camera.

So you are able to imagine a good camera as both advertising and a camera. If you want to increase the advertising potential of your camera, put a big flash and a really big lens hood on it also. The more items you have mounted on you got it, the more weddings you’ll book.

Not surprisingly you don’t wish to save money on a camera than you probably did on your cell phone, so a Canon EOS T3 or a Nikon D3200 are fantastic cameras for professional wedding photographers – and you may acquire either of them for less than $500 – and they even have a lens.

Step 3: Go to weddings of relatives and buddies and poach wedding photos from the real photographer.

If you don’t have any friends or members of the family which are marriage any time soon, you can just go to a church on any Saturday afternoon and odds are there will be a wedding. From there you are able to follow the bridal party when they go for wedding photos and if you are sneaky enough, you are able to crash the reception too.

What you would like to do is stand directly behind the actual wedding photographer in Dubai and take every photo that they consider. Because of this, you will get great wedding photos for your portfolio without needing to do any actual work. Don’t worry if the wedding photographer is utilizing fancy lights or other fancy looking gear – if you have a good camera you can take good wedding photos – just use “P” mode.

Step 4: Start a wedding photography website and advertise.

After you have a bit of a portfolio, its time to start a website and advertise – you’ll be booking weddings in no time!

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