How to pick an Interior Designer in Dubai

Because of so many different options in the region, it’s not easy to find out how to pick an interior designer in Dubai. We’ve come up with a few of the key points to consider when selecting the right creative team to create your home to life: Portfolio, Personality, Process and Pricing…


When you are thinking how to pick an interior designer in Dubai, the foremost and perhaps most apparent aspect to take a look at is the portfolio of projects the agency or designer has worked on. Their assignments is going to be noticeable on the company website so take a moment to look for and scroll with the credentials of the company. Preferably, the designer will show assignments related straight to the needs you have in which case it’s going to be simple to imagine your match ups on a project. At Galaxy Interior Design, many of our customers have experienced our work for salons, F&B or retail and are certain that we’re innovative and familiar with this area.

On the other hand, in case there are a lack of solid examples which are much like your vision or industry, consider the way the designer approaches their projects. By way of example, have they got a particular signature style where each project looks exactly the same or do they begin each project with brand-new ideas? This may indicate the ability of the designer to generate an authentic indisputable fact that is a unique and regarded reaction to your brief.

Whenever we very first met the client for chocolate café Dunk & Dip, these were motivated by the variety in our portfolio. The customer was fascinated not only by our F&B work , but the projects that shown our creative thinking, such as Al Jalila Children’s Hospital. Through exploring the number of creative projects to see our flexibility, these were certain that we’d create a fantastic design for the launch of their brand in Saudi Arabia.


As soon as you selected an interior designer in Dubai you’re entering a business relationship that you will spend considerable time getting together with one another. As a result, it is important that you not only trust the entire process of the designer but you also believe comfy in their company. Comprehend who it is you will be contacting throughout and ensure that you can set up a good, trusted working relationship right from the start.

When someone gets in contact at Galaxy Interior Design, we usually motivate a preliminary conference where we invite the possibility client to determine our studio, satisfy the members of the team and possess a talk about how we can work together.


Throughout the first ending up in a company, don’t let yourself be scared to inquire about how their design process works. Each and every organization have a various procedure which is usually a good idea to have an knowledge of this when you are in the selection process.

At Galaxy Interior Design, interiors assignments start with a research-focused technique phase that informs our design process and helps to ensure that the creative outcome fits the criteria on every level. Consequently, we existing the customer with two different moodboards in which the client can discuss their visual preferences and choose a direction to take. Only then will the designers begin the creative process, ensuring the client has been associated with the visual development from the very beginning.

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